["Flying" China] Chao Ling high-speed rail official "online" Jinzhou, Dalian entered Beijing again

["Flying" China] Chao Ling high-speed rail official "online" Jinzhou, Dalian entered Beijing again

  Xinhuanet Shenyang August 3 (Tang Xiaoyu) At 10:26 on August 3, with G9147 drove out of Jinzhou North Station, Liaoning Chaoyang to Ling Hainan Expressway (hereinafter referred to as Chao Ling High Speed ??Rail) officially opened operation.

Jingha High Speed ??Rail Beijing to Shenyang section and the Kyha Railway Qinhuangdao to Shenyang section realize the interconnection, Jinzhou, Dalian to China, which is 35 minutes and 47 minutes before.

  Dynasty high-speed railway is 107 kilometers, west of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, to East Jingbei City, Yixian, I will set up Linghai City, set Liaoning Chaoyang, Parm Camp, Jinzhou North, Ling Hainan 4 stations, design speed 350 km, the initial run is 300 kilometers per hour. In the early days of the operation, 11 pairs of driving group trains, including Dalian North to Beijing Chaoyang 3 pairs, Dalian North to Chifeng 2 pair, Jinzhou North to Shenyang 2 pairs, Jinzhou North to Liaoning Chaoyang 2 pair, Jinzhou North to Chifeng 1 pair, Anshan West to Liaoning Chaoyang, Shenyang North to Liaoning Chaoyang. It is worth mentioning that Chao Ling high-speed rail integrates a series of new technologies in the design construction process.

"In the cold area of ??the bridge surface waterproof, high polymer modified asphalt waterproof coil and improved C40 fine stone fiber concrete protective layer, waterproof effect and the durability of the protective layer are improved.

At the same time, Chao Ling High Speed ??Rail has laid a new rail profile type 60N profile type rail, which effectively improve wheel contact relationship, reducing wheel-rail contact stress, and reduces the amount of steel to grinding the steel, which also reduces the difficulty of grinding.

Introduction to Zhao Changshi, General Engineer of Chao Ling High Speed ??Rail Project, China Railway Design Group Co., Ltd.

In addition, in order to eliminate the influence of the route of the seasonal frozen soil, ensure the high level of the roadbed, Chao Ling high-speed rail is closed in the design of the surface fiber concrete and a film, and the base bed is closed. %, Freezing depth, non-frozen filler, the road floor is set to deepen the seepage blind ditch, plus the extension of exchange depth, etc. Solving the impact of seasonal frozen soil on the roadbed, ensuring the safety and comfort of railway operations . Chao Ling high-speed rail is an important part of the high-speed railway network in Northeast China. It is jointly constituted by the Panyang high-speed rail, and the connection line of Qin and Shen Da high-speed railway. Distance, convenient travel along the masses, and will also add new kinetic energy to Jinzhou tourism, and play a promotion of the construction of the Liaoi tourism large ring line in Jinzhou. +1.