Hebei Lingcheng: Pepper planting technology training helps farmers to increase production and income

Hebei Lingcheng: Pepper planting technology training helps farmers to increase production and income

The training session of the pepper planting technology training meeting of Tunyuan Village in the west.

Photo by Guo Haoqian, "This lecture is really raining in time! Experts talk about it, the grounding of grounding, and professional and technical knowledge. We can understand and learn, which greatly increases our confidence in planting peppers.

"Mili Xia, Tunyuan Village, Lincheng County, Hebei Province. Recently, Lingcheng County has recently increased the channels for increasing the income and getting rich in the masses, promoting industrial efficiency, and income from farmers. The technicians of Bao Co., Ltd. held a training meeting for pepper planting technology in Tunyuan Village, Xiyong Town.

"At the critical period of pepper planting, we organize experts to guide pepper planting technology to promote the new level of agricultural products in the county, a new level, further consolidate the results of poverty alleviation, and increase the income of the masses.

"Wang Bingbing, deputy mayor of Xiyong Town.

The pepper technology training will analyze and explain from the development of the order pepper industry, the industry drives the masses to become rich, and the development planning.

At the same time, the training meeting also taught the growth habits, moderate conditions, and cultivation technology of chili varieties, and explained in detail the technologies such as planting, fertilization, and pest control in cultivation technology.

It is reported that the pepper planting of Lincheng County will adopt the business model of "Party Branch+Farmers+Base+Enterprise". Local villagers can obtain income through various forms such as land transfer and base migrant workers.

At the same time, this model can also improve the level of planting technology of pepper farmers, transform the traditional planting concept, and accelerate the adjustment of the agricultural industry structure. In 2022, Lingcheng County is expected to plant 400 acres of peppers, and it is expected to increase the income of 5 million yuan in farmers. (Li Mengjiao, Huo Xiaonan, Guo Haoqian) (Responsible editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Longchao) Share let more people see recommendation reading.