Shenzhen has formed more than 3,000 family doctor service teams

Shenzhen has formed more than 3,000 family doctor service teams

Original title: Every 20,000 people have a social health institution "to meet the family doctors and accompany health.

"May 19 is the 12th" World Family Doctors ".

The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission that there have been 833 social health institutions in the city, with a social settlement institution per 20,000 people, a total of 3,528 family doctor service teams, about 4 million resident residents, and 10946 family bed beds. Essence

  Family doctor services in Shenzhen are not provided by a doctor, but the team service model of "2+X" is implemented.

Among them, "2" is necessary, including general physicians and community caregivers; "X" is selected on demand, including public health physicians, specialists, pharmacists, health managers, psychological counselors, nutritionists, rehabilitation treatment Teachers, social (righteous) workers, community grid administrators, etc. Who can sign a family doctor? Shenzhen resident residents (household registration or living in Shenzhen for more than half a year) can sign free contracts with the family doctor team. Essence

For residents who are inconvenient or in line with home health management, you can apply for a family bed and enjoy the on -site service of a family doctor.

  Where can the resident go to the "family doctor team"? Nearby social health institutions. Community health service agencies are all over the city, with a coverage rate of 100%, and an average of 20,000 people have 1 social owner. As of the end of 2021, compared with 5 years ago, the construction of Shenzhen Social Pacific has entered the "new level": a total of 833 social owners in the city, an increase of%from 630 in 2016. The average area of ??the business housing of social health institutions is iconic. A new%increase of%from 630㎡ in 2016; a total of 14,736 staff members of the social health institution, an increase of%from 7,683 in 2016, of which 13,671 sanitation technicians were increased by%from 7,250 in 2016.

  In terms of providing medical services for residents, the "sense of existence" of Shenzhen social health institutions is also getting stronger: in 2021, with the city’s%medical personnel, the city’s%outpatient volume has The outpatient volume of diabetes provides basic public health services for 21.77 million people throughout the year. (Reporter Luo Liqiong, a correspondent in the sanctuary) (Responsible editor: Zhang Chenmu, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see it.