"Deutum" makes the British consumers difficult to "手"

"Deutum" makes the British consumers difficult to "手"

[] As the UK officially exits from the European Union, the impact of "Deast Europe" on the British consumer is gradually revealed.

  When "No Agreement,", the sword of Dhakeley is hung on the British, the British’s willingness is willing, the retail, especially the street, the store may have to have a difficult winter. The sales situation of the day of the "Gift Day" every year is also regarded as an outside world, a window of retail industry, consumer confidence.

This day is generally the Western store to open a sharp discount, the people pay for the "blood fight". In the news report, "Gift Day" is always a long team, crazy snapped up, lifting a cheap big color TV shopper. The 2018 "Gift Day" is the last shopping carnival before "Deep".

On that day, the author came to London Regent Street and Oxford Street, which was known as "Shopper Paradise", full of streets, people carry the shopping bags in major shopping malls, shuttle in stores filled with red "discount" words. Some London stores open the door at 6 o’clock on the same day, and someone started to queue in the end of the morning. Many retail chain stores have significantly increased discounts, and more and more people returned to physical store consumption, so they will go out to clear inventory and get a turnover fund. A report of Barclays Bank, showing that the day of the 2018 "Gift Day", two-thirds of the British Shangjie shopping, with an average of £ 188 per person. This number is equivalent to the British spending 8.8 million pounds per minute.

  Although these numbers look exciting, the British media has made people’s uneasy conclusions through comparing the recent "Gift Day", and the physical stores on this consumer season British high street performance Compared with several "holiday days", the performance of the British consumer that is slightly bleak, the number of British consumers who go into the streets will decline in the third consecutive year.

  However, there is also good news behind this.

On the one hand, consumers who were originally purchased in physical stores were transferred to the network. The number given by the British Retail Research Center showed this "holiday day", nearly 10 million in the UK spent more than 1 billion pounds online, grew up from last year, approximately half of them through mobile phone consumption. On the other hand, although the enthusiasm of British consumers on the streets, but with the uncertainty of "Deo", the investment of pounds is depreciated, and the international consumers who have been shopping in the UK have also become the regeneration street and Oxford. One of the main strengths of blood fight on the street.

  It is undeniable that the "no protocol demon" risk currently possible in the UK does have indeed affected the confidence of the British consumer. The Bank of England has warned that the "No Agreement Delax" allows the impact of the British economy to be larger than the impact of the 10-year global financial crisis, and forecast, if the worst case occurs, the value of the pound It will fall by 25%, and the inflation rate rises from the current% to%, and the price will fall 30%.

  The latest data on the Bank of England showed that the growth rate of British consumer loans in November 2018 was the lowest level in the past four years. Since the British referendum "Detead", the annual growth rate of British consumption credit has gradually slowed down.

Some people predict that despite the continued growth of salary, the inflation rate is lowered, and the austerity policy is moderately relaxed, but the UK consumer market will still be weak.

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