Guiyang City Education System has fully launched garbage classification

This newspaper on November 17th, Guiyang Municipal Education Bureau held the city’s education system to fully label the garbage classification to attack the campaign, fully promoted the creation of domestic garbage classification and school, and strive to achieve all 上海嘉定300全套2小时 kinds of school domestic garbage sorting facilities over all levels. More than 100%, the system has been established to 100%, and the garbage classification collection is 100%.

The Municipal Education Bureau requires that all districts (cities, counties) education bureaus, all schools must adhere to the "one hand" to take the lead, and the leaders are personally arrested, and they will grasp the implementation. All local schools should attach great importance to the students’ ecological civilization education. From kindergartens to higher schools, according to the cognitive level and growth law of students in different age groups, carry out garbage classification knowledge classroom education, combined with 上海上课微信群品茶 school life prepared by health education class and city health care. Garbage classification reading, realizing garbage sorting "entering the campus" "entering the teaching materials". Widely adopted a story, doing games, knowledge contest, etc. Vigorously cultivate adolescents of ecological civilization practice student community or volunteer team, carry out various forms of form, rich in content, and have a significant social waste classification integrated practice. Strengthen home school linkage, actively build schools, families, community interactive platforms, mobilize family active participation.

In addition, the Municipal Education Bureau requires all schools to establish a team of living garbage sorting, guiding teachers and students correctly classified and putting them; increasing the 上海湾区spa品茶 investment of domestic garbage sorting management work, continuously improves the school facility equipment, ensuring progress in garbage classification Result.

All local schools should strengthen the management supervision of the school’s garbage sorting, and incorporate the work of living waste into the annual target assessment. (Guiyang Daily Rong Media Reporter Yuan Chun) (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.


10 Guoan second stage debut Lectra Guangzhou

Original title: 1: 0 Guoan second stage debut last night, 8:00 Lectra Guangzhou, Beijing Guoan usher in the first round of Super League second stage (total of 15) games old rivals Guangzhou team, with Zhang Yuning before the end of the game headed home, Guoan 1-0 win over rivals made a good start.

While successful to get three points, but the ability to match China An attacking player in front of opportunity remains to be improved, after all, the national security once won several opportunities, but only into a ball.

JingSui war has always been enough eye-catching, but due to the Guangzhou team experienced a big personnel changes in the past period of time, overwhelmed Division came to participate in the new stage of the competition squad actually not complete, such as naturalization Exxon players, Alan, who currently have to leave, such as Zhang Lin Tai Jiang Guangnai before the absolute main players, the game did not enter into the large list of teams, so the strength of the Guangzhou team in fact be no small impact. Although most local players still in the array, but not before the impact, after all, trained by the system, but it is still unknown how the state.

Start of the game only 35 seconds, producing a national security a corner, Anderson Silva completed the first shot in the individual race in this attack, but the Portuguese defender’s header was resolved opponents.

After just five minutes the Brazilian new aid area the ball in the opponents half-marched, unfortunately, his 上海贵族宝贝千花 left foot hit the door wide of the near post.

Although the goals and missed, but have to say, the game state Anderson Silva’s really good.

As the game progresses, Guangzhou team to adapt to the rhythm after the national security of the performance is getting better, especially wei shihao and Yang Liyu wing, cut inside two either side of the break to the defense or national security caused by some kind of threat , unfortunately, the two of them did not directly create a shooting opportunity. After 20 minutes of the game, the score is still 0-0. After the first half of the second half, although both sides have offensive and defensive, but in fact still Guangzhou team played some of the more proactive, and perhaps Guo’an compared to Guangzhou more pressure on the players, "survival", but would like to 上海千花娱乐论坛 express themselves through the game, win opportunities for the future. Half of the game ended, the two sides have not scored appear.

Easy side battles, both sides reach more, in a short time, and the high God Guoan Li Lei Dongzuoguoda and have since been booked in the field of the body, speed up the tempo of the game instantly. Guangzhou team returned to use the opportunity of a direct free kick goal by Liao Lisheng threat to national security, and good Hou Sen focus, to defuse the high quality of the opponent’s shot. Match the first 60 minutes, Guoan same time the use of positioning the ball to create opportunities, unfortunately, Zhang Zhe rare find inside the restricted area pass though the Zhang Yuning, but the National Security No. 9 were not really complete header, his slightly Yiceng does not change the direction of the ball, this is the closest team to break an opportunity. After the two attacks, Lei’s strong shot was turned away Lau seat, Anderson Silva is Mianduikongmen not into, the national security team in Guangzhou for a short time to form the siege, but always from a score worse then little.

The last 15 minutes of the game, the national security for the Guangzhou team to achieve complete suppression of basic opponents pressure within the party defending 30 meters area, Zhang Zhe once teammates sent a good ball, but unfortunately, shooting pool loyal country although power full, but because the angle is too confiscated rival goalkeeper.

Until 82 minutes, Kuanggong finally ushered in a national security goals, Zhang Yuning before nodding the ball rub in the corner tactics, 1-0. The final whistle to keep the score to the end, national security to do so to win this derby victory in Beijing, Guangzhou, off to a good start to the Super League this stage. Text / reporter Zhangkun Long (Editor: Lian Hong, even the cleaning products) to share so that more people see recommended reading.


Catch 17 people! Ma Hai Public Security successfully knocked off a telecom network fraud laundering gang

Recently, the Malang County Public Security Bureau has a strong effort in the Criminal Investigation and Net Android of the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Bureau, and the Duozhou Public Security Bureau’s criminal investigation and network and other departments have successfully striped a telecommunications network fraud, and smash the crime. There are 3 dens, 17 suspects, and more than 60 mobile phones, more than 120 bills of bank cards, more than 7 million yuan involved in the capital flow. The case is a telecommunications network fraud lottery case with the greatest amount of the Warlioven of the Malang County Public Security Bureau in recent years.

On October 13, 202, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Maha County Public Security Bureau received a case that it was loaned in a APP called "easily". After completing a series of certifications, I applied for 44,000 yuan. Loan After clicking "withdrawal", it cannot be cashed out, then consult the app customer service.

The customer service is activated as a result of the addition of the victim to pay 20% as a deposit, and 30% of the applying loan quota is used for brushing water, and it has been deceived from the victim to 34,200 yuan.

After the victim realized that it was cheated, he was reported to the Criminal Police Brigade of the Malan County Public Security Bureau. After receiving the report, the police of the Malang County Public Security Bureau took the case to pay the funds in the first time, and the flow of funds will be carried out to quickly carry out investigation and forensics. Tracking, screaming and stripping, finding an account and a number of account funds in a bank in Qinghai have frequent.

After further investigation of the case of the case, Since Sining multi-bank card is handled through several bank cards, 上海夜生活网 the bank card is unified to the committee member, and then the member will pay the bank card to the upper home, and the criminal gang pays the card personnel "remuneration".

The police immediately reported to the main leaders of the county public security bureau, and founded a task force to Xining and other places to carry out detection work.

The policeman who handled the case throughout the day and night, visited the touch, found that Gansu Mou used to work in a bar in Xining, and organized the bar to handle bank cards many times, and to obtain illegal benefits with its online trading. At the same time, Ma and his colleagues often go into Xining community. According to other clues, a household in the community is a laundering dens in a suspected telecommunications network fraud crime gang. After 上海夜生活桑拿会所 further discovery and detection of the police, I found that Fujian Xie Mou, Su Mou’s criminal group is in Xining, and the bank card is collected in three crime dens, and the criminal behavior of launching money for telecommunications network fraud.

There are more than three strokes in the above, and the architecture is clear, the division of labor is clear, the organization is strict, and the sinister to make fraud, money laundering in Xining.


Borrowing, starting with Alipay, Isolation "

Xin Hui reporter Zheng Zhihui reported that some netizens found that some netizens found that their "borrowing" became "credit loans", and clearly prompts the bank to serve.

Ants Group responded yesterday, borrowing a brand isolation work, and the service provided by the ant consumption financial company will continue to show the "borrowing" brand, and the credit service provided by the bank and other financial institutions will be in the "credit loan" page. Display, significantly identify financial institution information, and zone from the borrowing brand.

According to the reporter, on September 22, the ant group said 上海贵族宝贝交流 in a bulletin that it has introduced a number of financial institutions to provide services.

In other words, the anthracery operator has been changed from the "network small loan" to "licensed guanle", that is, it has been changed from Chongqing Ant Microfinance Co., Ltd. to Chongqing Ant Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.

From the latest netizens "borrowing" screenshots, the "credit loan" page will display "Provide financial services" by XX Bank "in a significant location.

After entering the borrowing page, in the Borrowing Details and Agreement, you can also see information such as date, initial annual interest rate, total interest amount. The ant group said yesterday that borrowing is gradually promoting brand isolation, including many licensed financial institutions, including ant consumption financial companies, will jointly provide users with microfinance credit services.

In the future, borrowing will be provided by ant consumption financial companies, and become the exclusive brand of ant consumption financial companies. The credit service 上海全区外卖工作室 provided by financial institutions such as banks will be displayed in the "Credit" page.


Don’t be impatched justice, understand each other!

Recently, the US government didn’t agree that "diplomatic boycott" Beijing Winter Olympics will not send US official delegations to attend.

The reason is that so-called Xinjiang "race extinction" and China "large-scale violation human rights". It is "human rights", huh, huh. Talking about "human rights" and says, it is a big "good" in the US government.

These years, the US government frequently says three four four in other countries, especially some developing countries.

Die is more uncommon for China’s unhealthy accusation.

A "human rights card" left right and right, to tell the truth, seeing people have aesthetically fatigue. Recently boycotted the Winter Olympics, held the so-called "Democratic Summit", and the US government was used for this rotten.

One way, in addition to the US government’s poor skills, 上海419论坛 it does not affect the success of the Winter Olympics, but also can’t move the pace of China.

After all, the people of "Human Rights Guard" have already collapsed, what is the use of the US government again? A "democracy reversed country", talk about "human rights", how many people will convince? In the face of embarrassing situations behind the disguise, American politicians are strongly installed, and strive to come out "business" is quite "admire". Regrettably, in this era of interconnection, "playing human rights guards" this kind of drama is really harder and harder. Who has not seen the scene of the US Congress riot, out of control, racial discrimination? "He is honest, and the Moon is shining.

"For China, the most important thing is to do 上海宝山喝茶资源 your own business. The Winter Olympics is prepared, and the athletes strive to prepare for the war. As for those noisy politicians, they don’t have to pay attention to it.


A multi-vehicle series collision accident in Xuzhou Pei County, Jiangsu Province has injured

The video screenshot of the accident scene shot. People’s Network Xuzhou November 4th (Yan Feng) 7 o’clock in the 4th, in the Xuzhou Expressway in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, a traffic accident collided with a vehicle series, and there were 10 vehicles at the scene. Damage, some people are injured, the current casualties are unknown.

The incident place in the traffic accident is located at a point of intersection in the road section of Weiyong Town, Pei County, 272 Provincial Highway (Xu Pei Expressway), and an accident occurred from the north and south of the north and from the north.

The cause of the accident is caused by 上海龙凤419自荐 fog.

According to a nearby residents at the scene of the incident, the early peak hours of work, the fog of the road is relatively strong, the road visibility is very low, "the car followed by a hit, it is distressed, there is people The speed is very fast.

According to a live car owner, he told the People’s Internet. When he was, he was driving on the north to the north, and he witnessed most of the multi-cars. "There is a bus, some cars run very fast. It is straight to the brakes, and some cars are not running unhappy. It is too miserable when they can’t see the situation in front of it.

"According to many witnesses and live owners, at least ten vehicles have different degrees of damage, there are also person injuries, but the degree of casualties and specific injuries are unknown. At 上海品茶工作室 around 8 am, there is an emergency vehicle to pick up the subject. At 10 o’clock in the morning, the fog gradually dissipated, and the scene was taken upon the afternoon scene.

In the case of the casualties and accident treatment of accidents, the People’s Daily has connected the local public security traffic police department. The Pei County police have been dejected by the accident. When they will be treated, the government and the police have not yet the incident content Publishing related situations. (Editor: Meng Erlota, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.


Autonomous Region Technology Innovation "14th Five-Year Plan"

  A few days ago, the people’s government of the autonomous region issued "Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Science and Technology Innovation" 14th Five-Year Plan "(hereinafter referred to as" planning ").

"Planning" from the new goal of clarifying scientific and technological innovation, building an open cooperation regional innovation pattern, strengthening scientific and technological innovation facing high-quality development, building science and technology 上海松江品茶联系 innovation basic capabilities, optimizing innovation and entrepreneurship, etc. 6 aspects In order to depict the road map for technology innovation development in our district in the next five years. "Plan" is clear, our district will in depth, in depth, innovative driving development strategies and talent strong zone strategies, and support innovative Xinjiang construction with high-efficiency innovation system. 上海魔都桑拿论坛 By 2025, Xinjiang’s scientific and technological strength and innovation ability have effectively improved, and science and technology lead the ability to improve the development of modern industries. The research and experimental development of the whole society has increased by more than 7%, and continuously increase the investment of financial and technological investment. The basic research expenditure accounts for no less than 10% of the research and experimental development expenditure. year. "Plan" proposes, build regional scientific and technological innovation engines, and play the role of demodational and innovative driving development test area of ??Wushangshi National Autonomous Demonstration Zone and Silk Road, providing strong driving force for high quality development in the core of Silk Road Economic Zone.

The layout of Nanyi Xinjiang Technology Innovation Network, fully supports the construction of "one Hong Kong, two districts, five major centers, port economic bands", and serialize the construction of the Silk Road Economic Zone and open the overall layout to west. Expanding the "One Belt All the Road" open cooperation space, play the advantages of Xinjiang, actively integrates international domestic innovation network, enriching cooperative exchange carrier, enhances the integration of innovation and opening up cooperation.

  "Planning" surrounds the technological innovation of strengthening high-quality development, and proposes to support the technical system of top ten characteristic industries and strategic emerging industries, improve the technical system to protect people’s better life and social harmonious development, and improve agricultural quality and rural Revitalizing, promoting industrial strong base synergy and transformation and upgrading, accelerate the development of modern service industry, as well as the beautiful Xinjiang, healthy Xinjiang, Ping An Xinjiang and new urbanization construction provides science and technology support. "Planning" clearly, strengthen the basic research in key fields, put forward support for support for innovation platforms, innovate talents, innovation mains, grassroots innovation capabilities, enhance research institutes and universities, innovation capabilities, and build the innovation of leading companies. Development of a common technological supply system, in order for a long time to build a foundation. Editor: Russertine.


420 years "old medicine" Chen Liji will start again

The word "fashion" in the old name "Fashion" is in the old name of the Chinese medicine. It seems that it doesn’t work, but Chen Liji will do it.

Li Chuyuan, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Guangyao Group, said that in September, Chen Liji returned to Beijing Road for the old site, and creating a "trade, experience, culture" red card point.

A series of innovative initiatives make old names more charm. This year, "Chen Liji Chinese Medicine Cultural Park" was selected for the first 20 Guangdong industrial tourism boutique lines.

"Chen Liji traditional Chinese medicine culture" was selected in Guangzhou, "China’s China’s non-legacy" exhibition, and another 17 countries in Guangzhou Tower for two months. In September, Beijing Road was officially opened in 11 pilots in 11 pilots, located in the first floor of Guangli Chen Liji Building, 194 Beijing Road, Guangzhou City Culture. At the site of Chen Liji’s entrepreneurial period, Chen Liji restored the extensive architectural style of the old pawlings and reproduced the brilliance of four hundred years. It is reported that Chen Liji Building mainly includes the first floor of six shops, Guangxi old-fashioned non-legacy exhibition hall, Chen Liji Non -… The overall exhibition is integrated with the path of "national non-legacy, Guangzhou imprint, and the old medicine", Chen Liji old shop ".

Among them, Chen Liji’s Non -..st WI Wenhua Studio uses the "Chinese Medicine Non-Genis Culture" as the core goal, through "instrument, skills, art, gift" and other means, through the form of exhibition, experience, exchange, etc., to promote traditional Chinese medicine to the general public culture.

It is worth mentioning that Chen Liji also used the live broadcast of contemporary fashion, only the first day of operation, the number of live online viewing, attracted many young people to stop, this "longest-lived non-legacy" on the Beijing Road It became a net red card. In the future, Chen Liji will plan to build Guangyao Chen Liji Building, explore new formats, new models, closely revolve around "four new and colorful" "old city new vitality" requirements, and build a "trade, experience, living room" in one The Chinese Medicine Culture Center, with the Beijing Road Jianmin Pharmacy, and the Chribin Medicine Store became the central axis of the development of the Guangzhou City Health Industry, which became a beautiful pearl in the living room of the Guangzhou City. Inheritance of cultural inheritance, Chen Liji’s production, operation, and research are also advancing with the times. With the iteration of traditional crafts, the improvement of modern equipment, in order to ensure product technology and quality, Chen Liji introduced multiple automation equipment and production lines, built high-standard drug quality inspection venues and equipped with various high-precision testing instruments, using strict Production process systems and high standards of quality system organize production, continuously develop high levels in production management level and quality assurance system.

"Chen Liji is a high-tech enterprise, real innovation is the concept innovation, including the entire production process, to go deep into every employee, become a gene.

"Shi Hongchao said that Chen Liji’s scientific research costs have been doubled for five times in the past 10 years. In addition, Chen Liji also set up research centers to absorb numerous medical people.

According to the data, Chen Liji has obtained high-tech enterprise certification for many years. As of 2020, Chen Liji has 46 effective authorized intellectual property rights, including 32 invention patents, 7 utility model patents, 7 appearance patents, and 7 invention patents. From 2015, Chen Liji surrounded "Chen Peicheng Health" and "Unexvisible" of Chinese Medicine, innovation and development of Chenpi’s health industry, building a new model of experience-style tangerine economy, achieving "Da Nanjia" and "Big Health" double wheel Drive development. Chen Liji Chen Pei’s big health tea industry mainly operates Chenpi derivatives (such as Chen’s skin red bean sand mooncake, citrus tea, Chenpi hills, etc.), becoming a stylish and convenient. Shi Hongchao revealed that in the next two years, Chen Liji will build a number 上海按摩店推荐 of "Chen Liji" tea hall hall in Guangzhou, and launch a series of branded tea halls in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places. The bay district will then create a "Chen Liji" 420, 420 years of storm, 420, persistence, Chen Liji as a "leader" "leader". Li Chuyuan said that Chen Liji should strengthen the mission, in the development of the old-fashioned development, in the forefront, inheriting the essence, play the advantage, occupying the high-end image of the industry, and shaping the high-end image of brand specialization. Guangyao Group will promote traditional Chinese medicine fashion, fashion Chinese medicine, and realize the high quality development of Chinese medicine sections, and realize traditional Chinese medicine sectors, and realize traditional Chinese medicine. Li Chuyuan 青浦油压全套 pointed out that he must inherit the essence and play an advantage.

Chen Liji is a brand with good development potential and characteristic advantage. It is necessary to dig deep into its own characteristics, combing brand value, find a segment, and strive to create an advantageous brand with industry influence.

Want to keep innovation and motivation. Chen Liji should actively explore the new way of old brand brands, brand innovation and development, in product innovation, scientific research innovation, business model innovation, cross-border cooperation innovation, international innovation, and seize domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international double The new development pattern of circulators, promotes the quality, refinement, daily use of traditional Chinese medicine products, and actively participate in the construction of Guangdong 上海外卖私人工作室思 and Hong Kong and Macao District, realizing the re-emergence of Chen Liji brand again, revitalizing the development.

"The state attaches great importance to the development of traditional Chinese medicine, marking the era of traditional Chinese medicine has been coming. Chen Liji’s struggle of generations have laid a solid development foundation for us, giving us a high development step, to our generation, We are lucky.

"Shi Hongchao emphasized that Chen Liji will chase the source, can not forget, but also to grasp the opportunity of the current Chinese medicine development, step into progress.

At the same time, "Yue Hong Kong, Macau Danzan District Chinese Medicine Highland China Highland China" shows that adhere to the people-oriented concept, aim at the forefront of world science and technology and industrial development, and integrate Chinese medicine multiple values ??and advantages Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dashang District, improve Chinese and Western Medicine combined with medical model, accelerate the integration of Chinese medicine innovation, promote high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine and industry, providing all-round, full life cycle for Chinese medicine industry, providing comprehensive and full life cycle for Chinese medicine industry and high quality of industry, Let the development of traditional Chinese medicine more benefits and the residents of Daxan District. "Program" proposed that by 2022, the Chinese medicine cooperation system in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, founded that the total construction of shared institutional mechanism was smooth, built a group of high-level Chinese medicine hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and national regions TCM medical centers, build a group of traditional Chinese medicine talent training bases with strong service functions, build a group of international-level Chinese medicine technology innovation platforms, forming a batch of major scientific research innovations that can be reproduced, promoting one The well-known brands of the Naslings of Mountains entered the international market.

Therefore, in the new period, Chen Liji is ready to go. Shi Hongchao said, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Chen Liji will guide the first-class party building, first-class idea, first-class hardware, first-class software, first-class talent, first-class project, first-class results, etc., strive for five years to make another Chen Liji. ! By 2025, the sales scale and the brand impact are doubled, and the cultural confidence of more than four hundred years will promote the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine.


Fengtai District brings five major key projects to see the Beijing-Hong Kong Council two projects successfully signed

Fengtai is building a unicorn enterprise aggregation area.

In order to accelerate the cultivation and introduce a batch of innovative ability, the growth rate is fast, the leading and supporting the new technology, new industries, new models of the country, released 4 million square meters of high 闵行区哪个路油压多 quality space, and construct Beijing Look at Dan Unicorn Innovation Base is leading, the garden Bo Digital Economic Industry Park, the South Central Big Red Gate Capital Commercial New Area and Lize Financial Business District is supported by the "1 + 3" unicorn enterprise aggregation area.

Just released a number of measures to support unicorn enterprises in Fengtai District in Fengtai District, "invested 1 billion yuan in the spatial carrier, technological innovation, and transformation of unicolbere enterprises. Listing and other aspects give rewards and subsidies to help enterprises agglomerate development.

In the "1 + 3" pattern, the Garden Expo Digital Economic Industry Park will focus on the field of digital industries, intelligent manufacturing, and promote a batch of innovative enterprises to land, injecting open integration, 上海外卖工作室预约 unique innovative development. The "gorgeous turn" in the south central axis, based on the strategic positioning of the "Capital Business New District", the living room, actively introduced high-quality industrial resources, to create a new high-level business of the capital business of the gathering culture, technology, and business enterprises.

Li Ze Financial Business District adheres to the "financial + technology", constructs an industrial system, which is the main, scientific and professional services, etc. Digital finance development system. Fengtai District "The 14th Five-Year Plan" period will release 10 million square meters of industrial space Fengtai District as the Capital Central City, which is the growth of the development of Beijing southern China. Fengtai’s independent development advantage, providing a strong support for the expansion of the service industry. The space resources are rich, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" period will release more than 10 million square meters of industrial space.

The location of the location of Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Fengtai Station has 15 subway lines, 20 minutes directly to Daxing Airport. Industrial agglomeration benefits appear, service industry accounts for more than 85% of total production value, financial, scientific and technological, cultural, business and other industrial agglomerations have improved significantly. Excellent business environment, focusing on finance, science and technology, culture, business sector, introduced "Feng Jiusi" "New Opening 5", "New Open Five Articles", etc. System; build a new site of the Government Service Center of 30,000 square meters, aggregate more than 1,40 departments in the whole region, and the district-level "one" is the first place in the city; with key enterprise "service pack" system For the start of the hand, according to the principle of "one promise of gold, one grasp", provide accurate service for service packages.

It is understood that 481 registered capital of 50 million yuan in registered capital in the district, an increase of 30% year-on-year. The two major key projects in Fengtai District were successfully signed on December 6th, at this Beijing-Hong Kong Conference, Loud International Financial City Project, Beijing Irocatriopsis North Headquarters (International Hospital) project successfully signed.

Li Ze International Financial City Project Invests in International Financial City in the Lize Financial Business District, helping Lize to build a world-class financial center and the Global Vitality 松江大学城小妹 Center. The Hong Kong Park Group is the property investment, management and development group listed in London, Singapore and Bermuda, is a leading real estate development and business enterprise in the Asia-Pacific region, participating in the core financial center of Central Central, Singapore, Singapore. Beijing Lize Financial Business District is a national service industry to expand an open comprehensive demonstration area. It is vigorously developing new modern financial business new technologies to build a national financial technology innovation demonstration zone, and build a digital currency study of the People’s Bank of China. Currency technology and application ecosystem. With the continuous release of the industrial space in Lauze Financial Business District, financial enterprises continue to collect, and the Lize Financial Business District is one of the most dynamic and potential areas of Beijing. The Hong Kong landing expressed its very optimistic about the development of Lize Financial Business District. In the future, the internationally renowned planning architectural design institutions will carry out the design of Lize International Financial City project, and actively introduce high-end industries to help Lize financial business districts.

As a global most influential ophthalmic medical scientific research institution, Iriocatriopsis, will also set up Beijing Ir Eye Northern Headquarters (International Hospital) in Lize. Ir Eye Hospital Group is an ophthalmic medical group with China and global hospitals and quality medical capabilities. It is committed to introducing and absorbing international synchronous ophthalmic technology and medical management philosophy, specializing in the development strategy, Promote the development of Chinese ophthalmology medical careers. "Very happy Ir Eye Hospital Group Beijing Headquarters can cooperate with Fengtai, Lize Financial Business District has excellent core urban advantages, Kyoto and access to Beijing traffic advantage, medical talent cluster advantages, continuous refinement and upgraded business surroundings.

"The Eye Ophthalmology Signing representative Li Jun said.

Fengtai District tightly arrested the "two districts" construction opportunities, actively constructing a new pattern of industrial development, creating an international development atmosphere, introducing 51 large-scale foreign-funded enterprises, an increase of 76% year-on-year; the registered capital is 100 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 50% year-on-year.

KPM (Beijing) Rail Transportation Research Institute, Beijing Lyon Consultation and other high-quality foreign investors settled.

The introduction of Beijing Ir Eye Northern Headquarters (International Hospital) project will further help the Imperial Terrace to create an international creator environment. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.


2021 "China Tourism Day" activities into the Xibaipo in Hebei venue

It is understood that this year’s theme, "China Tourism Day" to "green development, a better life."

This event is organized by Culture and Tourism Department of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s Government, aims to further boost the development of the industry confidence, enhance the vitality of the tourism market,闵行区419会所 help to revitalize the tourism market quickly, so that all the people share the fruits of development of tourism.

The introduction of more than 200 scenic spots ticket prices, free incentives; for the elderly, the disabled, the fight against SARS workers, model workers and other groups launched preferential measures; launch public welfare theatrical performances, "seven into" performance, 松江大学城找服务 greater openness of public cultural venues cultural Huimin measures Huimin card issuing travel vouchers or cultural Huimin said in …… host the event, this year, Hebei Province, launched a total of more than 100 convenience Huimin measures. Tourism Day, held all over the city, Hebei Province, the venue activities, for the majority of visitors to offer a "sour enough material," the text brigade feast shared by all people. In the event, the "founding pioneer – Red fire spread Tour", "Anti-Japanese War – the war Taihang Red Tour" "New China came from here – revolutionary sites Red Tour" "temper exam row – of poverty Tour "" dream of a new era – forging ahead journey "Hebei Party of study and education five themes red line has been Recommend culture in the form of playing 上海喝茶交流群videos. In addition, the recent spate of Hebei Province will also carry out self-driving tour, folk culture festival, carnival tourism, cultural and creative goods exhibition, painting exhibition and enjoy the flowering season, month research study, picking, exchange forums, competitions and other activities to explain, enrich the cultural tourism Life. (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Long Super).